Hailey is storyteller and observer of the human condition. Although her path did not start with weaving, her lineage placed her as the niece and granddaughter of two master weavers: her late Aunt Pat and grandmother Helen. 


When she began weaving in 2015, Hailey had no intention of making it into a business; rather, she wanted to explore her familial connection to weaving and immerse herself in the history of this modality. Hailey’s grandmother had taught her to use lap looms as a little girl, so that is where she started: a lap loom from Amazon and the willingness to learn. 


Hailey began studying books, eventually teaching herself to macramé, and continued to explore weaving techniques. She shared her journey on social media as The Waters Mark, an homage to her hardworking, salt of the earth family. Immediately, her first two pieces sold and she incurred a demand that she had not expected. She dove headfirst into commissions, making and selling smaller scale items on Etsy, teaching workshops, and participating in large craft fairs. To many, it seemed like Hailey was hitting her stride and had more work than she could manage, which was true! However, while she was enjoying this work, inside Hailey still felt that something was missing, or like this was not yet a complete expression of herself as an artist. Hailey was raised in the realm of fine art: her tiny hometown of Creede, Colorado is a beacon for art lovers across the country. Consequently, she was very curious about the small yet burgeoning world of fine fibre art. 


In 2017, a childhood friend commissioned a massive wedding installation. As she embarked upon this big, new project, Hailey began to realize that this was space she wanted to inhabit as a maker. This commission served as the catalyst for Hailey’s newfound voice and true vision as a fine fibre artist. Her practice shifted, and she began to weave into existence the work she was truly drawn to make: large-scale, sculptural, conceptual, and deeply personal.


Hailey is inspired by stories: those from her life, those of the land, and those that cannot be told using words.  Her large, dramatic works combine hand-knotting and weaving techniques with found materials. As a lover of antiques, she seeks out fascinating, forgotten objects, giving them new meaning and purpose by incorporating them into larger woven narratives. She is ardent about sourcing fine, natural fibers and hand-dyed, hand-spun materials from fellow fibre artists across the globe. 


Currently, Hailey lives and works out of McKinney, Texas with her husband and two boys. She is a passionate home educator, life-long learner, and a firm believer that anything you wish to do can be done through practice, consistency, and hard work. 


Her work is currently shown in Richardson ,TX @theeclecticden as well as C. Waters Gallery in Creede, CO.